Thursday, April 01, 2010

Marvel Comics Coming to iPad


Looks like I guessed right (see #24) -- Marvel Comics is coming to the iPad. Not only that, but Netflix streaming is too. So is CBS and ABC. Hopefully, NBC and Hulu will follow.

Like I said, I think I'm gonna like the iPad.


thinking said...

The iPad is another game changer from Apple. As one reviewer noted, this is the first true notebook computer; the others are simply laptops with their keypads removed.

This will literally change the way people think of computers. Imagine these in classrooms. Imagine the uses for corporations. Imagine kids who grow up using the iPad and iPhone and these type of touch interfaces, and how their perception of technology will be shaped.

What other company does what Apple does at this point? Can any tech company release a product and change the world overnight? What other tech company generates this type of press?

It's amazing that Apple is just so far ahead of the competition. It's like they are on a different planet. In truth, Apple right now is the only company of it's kind really willing to invent whole new products. Other tech companies prefer to play it safe and just take existing technology and incrementally tinker with it here and there.

A big salute to Steve Jobs and Apple for daring to be different and really wanting to change the world.

thinking said...

Ironically, Apple is to tech kind of what the Beatles were to rock n roll, and of course the Beatles owned their own record company named Apple. Some have suggested that one reason why Jobs chose Apple was because of his fondness for the Beatles music.

The Beatles for years pushed the edge of rock and pop music forward and no one really came close. Even now their music holds up very well.