Wednesday, April 14, 2010

iPad - the Perfect Product for Kids and Cats

First the two-and-a-half year old:

And then the cat:

Heck, even econ profs seem to like it!


Shawn said...

the kid video is a whole satchel of WIN for ipad software design. dude tells her once to "push the button," and she totally figures it out...I'm guessing she's played with his iphone before that, because she knew how to move the screens, but that is just all kinds of cool.

Brian Hollar said...

It is indeed. Although when it comes to this technology, I'm not sure if I am more like the kid or more like the cat?

Kevin said...


thinking said...

I've been to the Apple store a few times to play with the iPad, and it's amazing to me how many kids there are gathered around the display tables playing with the device or waiting to do so.

In fact I'd say of all Apple products the iPad seems to be the one that kids like and are drawn to the very most.

That of course speaks to the usability of the device; basically Apple has created a very advanced computer that even young children can use. That's a huge compliment to Apple.