Monday, March 01, 2010

ZipShot: The Collapsible Tent Pole Tripod


I’ve read a lot of photography advice that recommends against lightweight tripods, but I can’t help but finding something about the ZipShot Tripod to be be awesome.

Here’s a “carry around” tripod for your carry around lens and camera: The ZipShot is a “compact, ultra-light tripod” by Tamrac that has aluminum-alloy legs that resemble the collapsible poles used in tents. While it’s not very useful in windy situations, or with heavy professional gear, it might suffice for most ordinary uses and lighter cameras (supposedly it can hold up to 3lb). The biggest benefits are obviously weight (11oz) and setup time. Here’s a video showing how quickly you can set the thing up:

Simple and quick.  I wonder how sturdy it would be for holding up a Nikon D40 and a small lens?  I saw the ZipShot at a camera store in DC this weekend and while I might be a little hesitant to place my DSLR on it, this would be great for a smaller camera like Canon’s S90, G11, or any pocket camera.

You can purchase the ZipShot for $49.95 on Amazon.

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