Thursday, March 25, 2010

National Geographic: Terra Cotta Warriors

Yesterday afternoon, I discovered the National Geographic Museum in DC had been giving away 200 free tickets every Wednesday to see their Terra Cotta Warrior exhibit. The exhibit is only in town until March 31st, so I immediately hopped on the metro to go jump in line. Unfortunately, after waiting for over an hour, the family of four in line immediately in front of me were the last people to receive a tickets. (Couldn’t they have had just one more?)

Fortunately, a woman who had purchased one too many tickets was asking around to see if anyone wanted to buy her extra ticket and audio tour for $20. After discovering I wasn’t getting a free ticket, I snapped at the chance. It was $20 well spent and gave a fascinating look into China’s history. (I’ve had an increasing interest in China over the last few years and it’s one of the first countries I want to visit after I finish school.) The exhibit had dozens of actual warriors, all of which were over 2,200 years old. I still can’t get over the quality of artistry and workmanship of artifacts dating back so far.

Bellow is more about the exhibit. With all tickets being sold out, I didn’t realize at the time just how fortunate I was to get in.


Shawn said...

but, but, but...she got it for free!! She scalped you!

Cool find, amigo.

VangelV said...

If you ever get the chance go and see the actual site. I took my wife there on our first date and took the kids there when they were old enough to appreciate it. If you go, plan on five or six days in the area. Xi'an used to be the ancient capital and has many sites that would be of interest. The kids loved the Great Mosque, the walk on the city wall, and the various temples and pagodas. If you do your research, know how to travel well, and how to bargain a trip can be quite affordable.