Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Asus Announces the Eee Reader?

This looks promising:

I'm not too sure if this will be branded as the Eee Reader but it does look like a very sleek device indeed. Asus announced this 9" eBook reader that bundles in some WiFi and 3G love and a long-lasting battery capable of displaying 10,000 pages in one charge. That's like 12 novels long, more than enough for a vacation overseas.

The mock up also features a very friendly interface which will likely be 1024 x 768 in resolution, 4GB of flash storage. There's also hopefully going to be a headphone jack for ambient music, podcasts or audiobooks and support for all the popular text formats.

This looks like one product Asus will score a win in once they ship it out.

source Engadget

Looks like another killer of the Plastic Logic Que. More on this here. Plus more photos.

Amazon better up the ante on the Kindle soon or they may find themselves outclassed by the competition. On the other hand, Bezos has said several times he aims to sell Kindle books on multiple platforms. It seems like a great move if Amazon were to partner with a company like Asus. It looks like Amazon and Microsoft are already sharing patents with one another.

Regardless of which companies emerge as industry leaders in these fields, it looks like the tablet and eReader markets are really heating up. That can only mean great things ahead for consumers.

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