Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weather Underground Goes Fullscreen


Very nice:

Weather service Weather Underground has a new trick up its sleeve: it can now show you the weather on a full-screen Google Map. The company is aptly calling it Fullscreenweather.com.

Fullscreenweather works just like Google Maps, meaning you can use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out, as well as use it to drag around the surface. It also includes quick toggles to change the terrain type, as well as what weather layer you're looking at--like temperature, precipitation, and cloud cover.

The company says it's been designed especially for touch-screen devices, including the Apple's upcoming iPad.

This looks especially nice in fullscreen mode in Firefox (press F11) – especially on a 24-inch monitor (or large screen TV). 

I’ll bet this will work extremely well on an iPad – particularly with a touch interface and if they can integrate GPS functionality.  Makes me wonder if the iPad’s webrowser will offer fullscreen mode like Firefox?  (Doubtful.)


Don said...

I just tried the "Weather Underground" link and it is fantastic. I've been using this source before but was unaware of the full screen application.



Brian Hollar said...

Thought you might like that. :)