Friday, February 05, 2010

Microsoft’s Creative Destruction

broken_windows A fascinating jarticle by Dick Brass, a former Microsoft Vice President,  about the decline of Microsoft and its inability to innovate:

AS they marvel at Apple’s new iPad tablet computer, the technorati seem to be focusing on where this leaves Amazon’s popular e-book business. But the much more important question is why Microsoft, America’s most famous and prosperous technology company, no longer brings us the future, whether it’s tablet computers like the iPad, e-books like Amazon’s Kindle, smartphones like the BlackBerry and iPhone, search engines like Google, digital music systems like iPod and iTunes or popular Web services like Facebook and Twitter…

What happened? Unlike other companies, Microsoft never developed a true system for innovation. Some of my former colleagues argue that it actually developed a system to thwart innovation. Despite having one of the largest and best corporate laboratories in the world, and the luxury of not one but three chief technology officers, the company routinely manages to frustrate the efforts of its visionary thinkers….

It’s not an accident that almost all the executives in charge of Microsoft’s music, e-books, phone, online, search and tablet efforts over the past decade have left.

As a result, while the company has had a truly amazing past and an enviably prosperous present, unless it regains its creative spark, it’s an open question whether it has much of a future.

ReaNextd the whole thing.


Billy Oblivion said...

Um. Microsoft has *never* been an innovator, either building a "me-too" product (Word (Word Perfect), Excel (Lotus), Windows (Macintosh)) or just buying the product (Flight Sim, Visio, etc.)

Kevin said...

Even MS-Dos was a purchase, they were more an accusation holding company of other innovators.