Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Known Statistics on Relationships

romance Interesting:

  • The average man’s ideal woman is 60lbs lighter than him.
  • A woman will get chatted up in bar 6 minutes faster if she is wearing make up.
  • Last year 21% of dates were organized via e-mail and 5% of relationships were ended by text.
  • 98% of Americans have experienced unrequited love.
  • Ladies don’t drink more than 1.5 glasses of wine more than your date – a turn off for most men.
  • For every $5000 extra a woman earns over her partner, their risk of divorce goes up by 5%.
  • Over 2% of all heart attacks have been directly attributed to having a broken heart.
  • Divorce has been proven to reduce a man’s life expectancy by 3.7 years.

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Lord of the Nightmare said...

First cause of divorce is marriage