Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Daily Dozen

  1. Cell-inspired electronics.
  2. The iPod Touch is this generation's Tamagotchi.
  3. Walmart bests whole foods in blind taste tests.
  4. Exercise and weight loss -- shouldn't somebody see if there's a relationship?
  5. Looking for a good browser for your iPhone/iPod touch? Try VanillaSurf.
  6. Why do so few men graduate college in their early twenties?
  7. How long should you nap for? Ten minutes. Did that today and it felt great.
  8. eBook pricing statistics: 46.7% of all Kindle books price under $5, 12.3% at $9.99, and only 3.23% between $10 and $14.99.
  9. Video games help seniors combat depression.
  10. We won't run out of oil.
  11. How much can you accurately tell about a person just by looking at their face? Quite a bit, actually.
  12. Do mirrorless cameras spell the death of DSLRs?

1 comment:

chris.h said...

as to #12:

I have a major desire for a four-thirds camera right now with an adapter to take my leica m-mount lenses. The olympus EP-2 looks especially nice, and paired with any m-mount lens would be wonderful.

Check out for some pictures. 4/3rds cameras are small, comfortable, and have fairly decent sensors. They're the future!