Monday, February 15, 2010

The Daily Dozen

  1. eeeBook Turn your netbook into a feature-rich e-Book reader.  One of the secrets?  Install EeeRotate.  Here are more tips for making the most of your netbook.
  2. Richard Posner for President?
  3. Congo, the world capital of killing?  More people have been killed here than in the Holocaust.  Yet it receives little media attention.
  4. Why do the poor pay more?  “It's often because they don't have access to cars, which leads to less search behavior and a greater incidence of local monopoly.”
  5. Why is economics so counterintuitive?
  6. When should you use statistical evidence and when should you use anecdotal evidence?
  7. Wedding planning tool of the century: Google Docs.
  8. Does the male/female wage gap extend to crime?  Looks like it.  Does this mean we need to apply equal opportunity policies on the Mafia?
  9. Has Apple become Microsoft?
  10. Political ignorance and irrationality cut across both sides of the political spectrum.
  11. Keep up with the Olympics online and with your iPhone.
  12. Milton Friedman: “2012 will mark the centenary of Milton Friedman’s birth and the 50th anniversary of the publication of his important book Capitalism and FreedomMore here.”

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