Monday, January 18, 2010

Eight Ways to Rebuild Haiti

haiti_rebuilding When the immediate crisis passes, how can we ensure that Haiti becomes a functioning nation? Eight experts give their prescriptions.

Concrete Solutions  By JOHN McASLAN
An internationally financed rebuilding effort should take a longer view of Haiti’s future, supporting a gradual, well-thought-out physical transformation.
Squatters’ Rights  By ROBERT NEUWIRTH
With hundreds of thousands of Haitians turned into refugees in their own hometown, a few sensible squatter principles may help the devastated residents.
Skip the Graft  By JAMES DOBBINS
Haiti’s institutions need to be rebuilt as well as its buildings, with fundamental reform of inefficient and corrupt systems.
As we consider how to rebuild Port-au-Prince, we can find an alternative to the usual top-down redevelopment model in postwar Tokyo.
A Recovery Built on Water  By STEVEN SOLOMON
In rebuilding Haiti’s water systems, it is imperative to focus on simple and affordable local projects that communities can take responsibility for.
Easy Money  By DAN SENOR
A discretionary fund that American military officers can dip into for development projects and crisis responses should be expanded to Haiti.
Guantánamo to the Rescue  By JONATHAN M. HANSEN
Just 200 miles from Port-au-Prince, the United States naval base at Guantánamo Bay should be used as the base for humanitarian intervention.
Keep the Economy Underground  By SUDHIR VENKATESH
Countries aiding Haiti must be careful not to drum out the positives of informal development.

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