Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stuck in The Atlanta Airport

I got up at 3:30 this morning to catch a 6 AM flight down to Orlando. When I got to the airport, AirTran's computer systems were down nationwide. No one could check-in or get a boarding pass. After an hour or so, they finally got their system up and running, but our flight was delayed 45 minutes. I was one of the last ones they let on the plane to Atlanta and am sure there were others behind me who didn't make it on. One woman had to deplane because her family didn't make it on the plane before they closed the door.

I made it to Atlanta after my connecting flight had already left. AirTran put me on a 11:30 flight that got cancelled without explanation. I tried flying standby on a 12:08 flight, but that was oversold. So was the 1:20. I am confirmed for the 3:29 flight but am not holding my breath at this point.

As bad as the reliability of AirTran has been, the day could have been far worse. Between my iPhone, netbook, Kindle, and notebook (of the paper variety), I've managed to stay quite productive and entertained.


1) Thumbs up for portable technology and carry-on travel.

2) Thumbs down for AirTran and non-direct flights.

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