Friday, November 27, 2009

Tough Market for Law School Grads

hire_me Law Students Across the Country Try to Adapt in a Struggling Economy:

For the first time in decades, the promise of a profitable law career for top students is uncertain, as law schools report significantly reduced hiring rates. ...

Law schools across the country are seeing a reduction in the number of firms participating in the recruitment process. Harvard reported a 20% reduction in the number of employers participating in recruitment, according to assistant dean for career services Mark Weber, while NYU, Georgetown and Northwestern reported on their Web sites that on-campus interviews are down by a third to a half when compared with recent years. Texas experienced a 45% decrease in on-campus interviews....

During normal times, law school is unlikely to be a good financial bet – particularly if you attend a non-elite school.  Deciding to go in today’s economic climate increasingly appears to be more like committing financial suicide. 

(HT Paul Caron)

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thinking said...

I like the Hire Me message on that graduation cap...the person deserves a job just for that bit of humor and ingenuity!