Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Living the Nomadic Life

This guy packs lighter than I do. Watch the videos below for some great ideas for traveling light.  Follow the link for some great travel ideas, including a detailed list with links of where you can buy the gear. 

These videos have given me some great ideas for my next journey (including thinking about what he brings that I would leave at home).  For one thing, I could benefit by cutting down on the amount of clothing I pack.  I also like the flashlight with the diffuser wand, although I'd probably stick with a headlamp for my adventures.  (Headlamps are great for hiking, reading, setting-up camp, and packing/unpacking in the dark.)

Here are my own packing tips for how to travel the world with only carry-on luggage.  (I've made trips to all seven continents without checking a bag.)

Part I

Part II

(HT One Bag, One World)

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