Thursday, November 05, 2009

App Store Hits 100,000 Apps in 481 Days, Over 2 Billion Downloads

Wow. This is the kind of success companies can only dream of. This is why I am absolutely convinced Apple will soon release some type of tablet device (and other platforms?) that can make us of these and new apps. And why I am absolutely convinced other manufacturers and developers will get in on this business model. They would both be foolish not to.

I wonder if the Courier will be Microsoft's first foray into this? There's no reason eReaders such as the Kindle and Nook could not also support app stores.

The computer world has long been wedded to a desktop/laptop paradigm. I think we are about to witness a fundamental shift in how computers are designed, used, and marketed. 'Slate' format systems definitely seem to be in. So is cheap (hardware and software), easy to use interfaces, and long battery life.

Given how clunky Apple's organization is for the App Store and apps on the iPhone, draconian procedures for app approval, and over-zealous locking-down of the iPhone -- this success is astounding. I don't think Apple has figured out how to fully capitalize on their success. Whoever figures this out the quickest has a veritable goldmine waiting for them.

Apple has a good head start, but I expect others to get up to speed very soon. Android seems well poised for being the next serious contender for who knows? Apps didn't even exist 500 days ago...

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