Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Under- and Over-Explored Areas in Economics

Tyler Cowen:

Under-explored; Empirical studies of signaling behavior, peer effects, the kind of "questionnaire macro" pioneered by Alan Blinder on price stickiness. Economic anthropology. Neuroeconomics other than brain scans. The economics of the emotions, an area started by Robert Frank. Status and fame motivations. Economic history. The economics of the non-profit sector. The economics of science. How IQ and other cognitive measures interact with economic decision-making and economic rationality. Behavioral economics of politics and public choice. Anything Alex does.

Over-explored: VAR, most structural macro, "another open economy model," auction theory, auctions in experimental economics. There's more, but today I'm not so interested in complaining.

Economics of science? Now that sounds interesting....

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