Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plastic Logic's Que To Allow In-Store eBook Reading at B&N

Ever since I've heard about eBook readers, I've been hoping for one that would do a great job reading PDF files for all the academic articles I read. Plastic Logic's Que, with an 8-1/2" x 11" screen is expected to be the best at this so far when it comes out next year. It looks like it just got even better with the ability to read any eBook over wi-fi while in a Barnes and Noble:
The Que e-reader from Plastic Logic—not just Barnes and Noble’s own Nook—will go on sale at B&N for those who want a large shatter-proof E Ink-based screen. See Plastic Logic news release, Wired News, CNet and Google roundup. Best guess is that the price could be at least $400, or far more than the $259 Nook.

As reported by Wired: “The Que proReader will handle eBooks in the PDF, ePub, eReader, and eReader DRM formats; magazines and newspapers in the GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TXT formats; and documents in the Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint formats.” Plastic Logic is continuing to position the Que as a versatile document-reader for business, rather than simply an e-book reader.

B&N already had said it would serve as Plastic Logic’s content partner after the the Que goes on sale next year. The latest wrinkle is that Que owners will be able to use WiFi browse entire e-books while they’re at a B&N store—just as Nook owners can.

Last week, I wrote that I was hoping for this feature in the Que. Barnes and Noble just took away the #1 reason I would want a Nook and given me one more reason to want to buy the Que.

Now if only they'd develop software that would let me read my Kindle books on it too...

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