Thursday, October 22, 2009

eBooks: The Effects of Competition

That didn't take long. Barnes & Noble announced their Nook eReader two days ago and now Amazon has dropped the price of their International Kindle 2 to match the Nook's price point ($259) and eliminated the domestic-only version. Amazon has also updated the Kindle iPhone app to now allows creation of notes and highlights on the iPhone, and syncs these up with the Kindle. Hopefully, we'll see a software update for the Kindle that will allow PDF file viewing as well.

I love competition!


thinking said...

That is pretty cool...

I have to think Amazon is a little scared of the impact of the Nook, given it's seeming superiority in features.

Then there's the fact that one will be able to walk into any B&N store and actually try one out. I believe that is a huge advantage.

There are many people who will see the device and purchase on the initial impression, who would otherwise not buy it online.

I think Amazon is going to have to accelerate its R&D on new models.

Of course, imagine what happens if/when Apple releases its rumored multimedia tablet with eReader capabilities?

Clint D said...

Competition drove down prices? Immediately? That's absurd... Why on TV the other day I heard that government is the only thing that can do that! :-)