Thursday, September 03, 2009

A Roundup of Snow Leopard Reviews

Ali doesn't like it and had troubles installing it. (Hopefully, his fresh install will fix some of his problems.) Neither Ali nor my dad have encountered the problems I noticed in the Apple store with iPhoto. I've been to the Apple Store again since sharing my initial impressions and mostly like Snow Leopard after playing with it some more. All of the systems in the Apple Store are still horrendously slow when you zoom in and try to scroll around in iPhoto. The new grid pattern in Expose doesn't bother me quite as much as it did at first, and I love how you can simply click on an item in the dock for a few seconds and it will show you all the open windows in that application in Expose.

Here are some other thoughts:
I would love to get a Mac right now, but will probably hold off for a bit to let a few of the quirks get worked out. This semester, I primarily have to read and take exams for my last full semester of law school and can probably make it through with my netbook if need be. Starting next semester, I plan on jumping full steam into my dissertation and could benefit from a faster, more reliable system for running computer simulations and data analysis.

Still, after playing with Snow Leopard and then coming home to a noisy, slow, dysfunctional Thinkpad, the appeal of getting a new Mac now is hard to resist. Especially with that free iPod Touch they're throwing in for college students...

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Shawn said...

free ipod touch is over on the 8th, btw...obviously (to me) an indicator that there are new touches coming on the shindig on the 9th.