Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Deal of the Day: WriteRoom for the iPhone Only $1.99

WriteRoom for the iPhone is currently on sale on iTunes for $1.99 (normally $4.99). This price is good through Wednesday.

WriteRoom is a full screen text editor for the iPhone that is brilliant in its simplicity. I just downloaded it yesterday. Key features to the program include:
  • The ability to view/edit text files in fullscreen mode. This mode is entered by simply zooming in on the text (like you would on a picture). To exit this mode, zoom out.
  • Fullscreen mode allows you to view several more lines of text relative to the iPhone's Notes program. (No clock or title bar.) This is particularly nice when the keyboard takes up a large portion of the screen in landscape orientation.
  • Support for both portrait and landscape modes.
  • You can customize the color and font you want the text and background to appear in. (I currently have it set to white text on a black background.)
And my favorite feature? If you're on a Wi-Fi network, WriteRoom will supply you with a URL that lets you use any web browser to edit the text files on your iPhone. Simply press the share button and you're good to go. I was able to copy all of my notes from all four of my classes this semester (I'm keeping them in text files) to my iPhone in less than 30 seconds using this feature. It couldn't be any easier and is another delightful example of what the iPhone can do when combined with a little ingenuity.

You can also synchronize your files to an account at SimpleText.ws. This gives you a similar interface you see when using the Wi-Fi sharing feature. This requires using a Google account but doesn't require a shared Wi-Fi connection.

If you do much writing or use frequent use of text files, this application is defintely worth checking out.

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