Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The "Best Camera" iPhone App

A photo I took with my iPhone camera at the Botanical Garden in DC on Sunday, modified on my iPhone using Best Camera.

I just downloaded this app yesterday afternoon:
An iPhone photo app that allows you to shoot, add creative effects, and share your images more simply and powerfully than ever before. Virtually limitless creativity, and the ability to share photos directly from Best Camera to Facebook, Twitter, via email at a new iPhone photo sharing site, I’ve poured all my experience into creating this app, and I’ve partnered with my ubersmart software developer friends, Ubermind, to bring you Best Camera.
Below are some photos I took and edited on my iPhone during my walk home from school last night. (Click on the images for a larger size.) The process couldn't be easier -- with photo taking, editing, and sharing all inside a single application.

To be honest, my initial impressions of the iPhone camera were not very positive. Creative apps like Best Camera and RedLaser are making me reevaluate my opinion and show how much usefulness can be squeezed out of a mediocre camera with a bit of innovative thinking. Imagine how powerful these apps could be paired to a camera with the quality of a Canon PowerShot.

My eventual hope is that either digital cameras will start getting touchscreens and strong processors like the iPhone and/or that there would be some way to transfer files from a camera to the iPhone without having to use a computer as an intermediary. (Either wirelessly or with an SD slot built into future iPhones.) Until then, I plan on having a lot of fun with Best Camera and seeing how skilled I can get at taking decent photos with my iPhone.

Here's a video demonstrating what Best Camera can do:

Read more about Best Camera here. See a live feed of images uploaded from the Best Camera app. Buy it on iTunes for only $2.99.

(HT Scott Kelby and Strobist)

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