Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Gorillatorch!

Simply brilliant! (No pun intended.)
Here is one of the most brilliant ideas in a long time: The Gorillatorch, a combination of a LED light source and the classic Gorillapod wrappable legs with "super-strong magnetic feet."

The Gorillatorch has a big dial to adjust its lighting power—which shines at a maximum 65 lumens/1 watt on three AA bateries—and it's water resistant. The magnetic feet allows it to attach to almost any metallic surface, while the flexible legs take care of the rest. At $30, there's little bad to say about this little fella, other than it's damn cute and I want one. Make that a dozen. [Gorillatorch]
Follow the link for more photos of this clever little device.

1 comment:

Ali Hasanain said...

It's brilliant only if it is a torch that can be screwed onto a normal gorillapod. Otherwise, it's a way to rip people off, and for people to add clutter to their lives...