Friday, July 10, 2009

The Kindle 2 Just Got Cheaper

James Kendrick:
Amazon has lowered the Kindle 2 price from $359 to $299, as the company looks to push more of its small e-book readers out the door. The newest Kindle, the larger DX, remains priced at $489, and Amazon expects to start delivering them in three to five weeks. The Kindle 2 is shipping now.

Kindle books now count for a full 35 percent of Amazon’s book sales, which works out to about two Kindle books per device sold per month. It would appear that e-books are here to stay, given these huge sales numbers.

Hopefully this means the price of the Kindle DX will drop soon as well -- although probably not as long as Amazon keeps selling out of them. My guess is that the DX sales have diminished Kindle 2 sales and so now Amazon is trying to boost Kindle 2 sales by lowering its price. My advice is that unless you need to read PDFs and/or textbooks, go with the Kindle 2.

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