Thursday, July 16, 2009

Economists Are the New Stars of the Blogosphere?

The Wall Street Journal has a great article on economists as the new stars of the blogosphere. Marginal Revolution and Greg Mankiw get good coverage, but somehow they left out Thinking on the Margin...

For many people, economics has never seemed so captivating, or so relevant. The enormous appetite for information and guidance right now is hardly a surprise: Even those with a basic knowledge of supply and demand have struggled to keep tabs on the global downturn...

The result is a watershed moment for economics bloggers, ranging from academics to armchair economists, who are all too happy to help readers fill in the blanks—or find a place to vent their frustrations. Traffic to the top sites, such as Marginal Revolution, Freakonomics and the blogs from academics such as Paul Krugman, Greg Mankiw and Brad DeLong, surged anywhere from 80% to 250% from July to September 2008 as the financial crisis intensified, according to, a Web site that measures Internet traffic. The most popular blogs can attract as many as 50,000 to 100,000 page views a day.

Read the whole thing.

P.S. -- Here is a guide to the econ blogosphere.

(HT Tyler Cowen)


Zac said...

Very surprised they left you out.. must have been a mistake. :)

EconLog is another GMU blog to be featured, at least in their web list of top 20 econ blogs.

John Emerson said...

Economists probably do less harm in the blogosphere than they do writing op-eds for the WSJ, helping Congress write laws, or working for the Fed.

Not kidding, economists are much more reasonable when they're speaking informally than when they're being Scientists.