Friday, July 31, 2009

Apple Intros a 2 TB Time Capsule, Drops 1 TB to $300

Boy Genius Report:

Sure it’s not a Tuesday but Apple apparently decided to switch things up and intro the new and improved Time Capsule duo this morning. What’s new? Space. The old $300 500GB model has gone the way of the Dodo and the 1TB model slides into its price slot (down from $500). Of course Apple wouldn’t be Apple without offering a “bigger and better” model carrying a significantly wider profit margin, so a 2TB version of the Time Capsule makes its debut in the vacated $500 slot. Time to get your backup on, Apple fans.


I have to say I hadn't paid much attention to Apple's Time Capsule before, but really like the design. It's a wireless router and network hard drive all in one. The $300 price for the 1 TB model doesn't sound too bad.

More thoughts on this here.


Shawn said...

transfer speed: slow as dirt.
alternative: 1tb external-- <$125
cheapo router + tomato firmware-- ??$50? maybe?

saved $125, and lost...umm...wireless sync, though I already wirelessly sync my two laptops via 802.11b; the main drives are connected to the mac mini. Granted, the connection can be temperamental, but it works by and large.

Shawn said...

oh, and...I gained all the awesomeness that is tomato, including QoS and range extension via bumped-up transmit wattage.