Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kindle Folder Workaround

One of the biggest complaints Kindle owners have is the lack of folders or tags for organizing content on their device. (Something that puzzles me. The Kindle will hold 1,500 books, but won't let you organize them?) Fortunately, it looks like a creative owner has come up with a brilliant workaround:
Kudos to Kindle Community member Bufo Calvin for this tip! With the ability to add notes to your Kindle 2 content and search for specific words or phrases on your Kindle 2's Home screen, you can categorize content by genre or other personalized terms.

Open up one of your books, select Add a Note or Highlight, and enter in a word (or words) you'd like to categorize by - genres such as history, fantasy, biography, etc. Try putting your initials or a common letter such as "x" before the word, "cshistory" or "xfantasy" for example. Save the note you chose to enter.

Now go back to your Home screen and type in the word you just used for your note. Once you've typed it, move your 5-way controller to the right and click on "Search My Items." You'll see the book you just added the note to appear. If you've added that note in multiple books, each one will appear in your search results.
See a couple videos of this in action here. I'm going to have to give this a try.

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