Friday, June 05, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Women hogging diplomas? "Women are now surpassing men in degrees attained in every major category: associate, bachelor’s, master’s, professional and doctorate." This could have large social ramifications as there is an increasing shortage of college-educated men. Even highly successful, college-educated women tend to gravitate towards men of equal or higher education and income level. What happens to family, dating, and marriage when there is an increasing shortage of such men relative to women? Are men increasingly getting left behind?
  2. Seth Godin and his unconventional, 6-month, non-accredited MBA program. Sounds like a pretty great idea to me. Makes me wonder if a similar program could be developed for teaching economics? Seems like DC would be a perfect place for this.
  3. The anti-macroeconomics roar grows even louder. You mean it's not just me?
  4. The Islamic roots of Star Wars?
  5. A tiny slice of credit history. "A visual history of the credit card. A written history of the credit card. Now we need a written history of the articles worrying that all the credit cards were going to push us into economic extinction."
  6. Surprise benefits of an uncluttered life.
  7. Does the gender of a judge matter? Only when it comes to discrimination cases.
  8. How many Muslims are there in the US?
  9. Tiananmen Square, twenty years later. "It is fair to say that individual freedom has increased for the average citizen so long as they are: (1) Han Chinese; (2) not that religious; (3) not interested in joining the Falun Gong or any other civil organization that rivals the Communist Party; and (4) not a lawyer bringing cases against state action. " More thoughts here.
  10. Bringing order to the chaos of notes.
  11. Writer's block... a thing of the past?
  12. Would you pay for Hulu? If the increased their content, yes. Particularly if they matched a selection like Netflix. (I think it's only a matter of time before some service provides this. Kind of like Rhapsody for movies and/or TV.) I much prefer being able to stream video at a time of my choosing over broadcast TV where I have to conform my schedule to the network airing the show. I know I could always use Tivo (I used to have a DVR in Orlando and loved it), but I prefer the simplicy and variety of Hulu's navigation to scrolling through a series of menus on my television for shows that I have to have known about ahead of time, programmed my device to record, and limited to only two simultaneous channels. It's like comparing loading an eBook onto a Kindle (seemless) to loading one onto a Sony Reader (lots of steps, connecting to a computer, installing extra software, dealing with cables, etc.). One is easy and requires little hassle. The other works, but is more annoying to deal with.

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Sunny said...

The degrees that men get tend more toward math/science, right? Since incomes and social strata come in greater proportions to math/science fields, it might be that the male majority in terms of social capital could continue. There might be less news there than as appears.