Monday, June 01, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Switch the frogs. "Have a go at this: Switch the frogs to the opposite side within two minutes. (Supposedly a second grade computer test in China.) Click the picture for link."
  2. Vernon Smith at CalTech.
  3. Mice with a human-language gene.
  4. What smartbooks must offer to succeed.
  5. Microsoft drops 3-app limit for Windows 7 Starter Edition. That's good news for netbooks.
  6. My Constitutional Law prof, Neomi Rao, has a great article asking questions for Sotomayor. (HT Karuna)
  7. 30 days to be a better man -- Day 1: Define your core values.
  8. Have a total weight limit for football teams? Interesting, but I don't think this would ever take off on several levels. It would certainly lead to a lot of sweating and starvation before recording team weight.
  9. Learning about using exposure in photography using the "exposure triangle."
  10. The fall of the mall. A graphic showing how the recession has affected shopping malls. "The best performers are a dollar store, a movie theater and a pharmacy. The worst performers are Saks, Abercrombie & Fitch, Bebe and some others."
  11. Amazing card tricks explained.
  12. What does health economics research say about health care costs?

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