Thursday, June 11, 2009

Customers Begin Receiving Amazon's Kindle DX Today

Amazon's Kindle DX should arrive in the hands of customers today. (It looks like they will be back in stock for new orders on June 17th.) I am eager to read reviews on how well it does rendering PDF files with complex graphics. I've wanted an eBook reader that could do that for a long time now for all the academic articles I'm reading for school and research. The ability to handle textbooks as well could make buying one of these a no-brainer for me. Unfortunately, I don't think textbooks will be available on this for me to use it for teaching my class next month.

While we wait for customer feedback on the device, here is an early review by Wired Magazine and a gallery of photos from Engadget.

Walt Mossberg also has a review and isn't all that impressed -- he likes the Kindle 2 much better. But I don't think Mossberg would use it in the same ways I would.

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