Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Full Day Computing Has Arrived!

About a month ago, one of my professors bought two EEE 1000HE netbooks after I recommended them to him for running PowerPoint at a conference he was organizing. I was his tech guy at the conference, so I had the chance to play around with them for about a week beforehand and discovered that their higher-capacity batteries (8700 mAh) were interchangeable with the lower-capacity battery (6600 mAh) of my Eee 901.

Yesterday, I found out one of my classmates bought an Eee 1000HE as well. He wanted it for the size, not the battery life and was generous enough to sell his battery to me at a good price in exchange for my battery. The real-world results have been incredible.


Here is what I got on my Eee 901 with all wireless features off, 25% brightness, and maximum battery life settings. Plenty of power for modifying a paper I was working on for school. I got over an hour of use on it on a two-way subway ride to Bethesda today and the battery was still registering 90% of power.


These results were so good, I decided not to bring the AC adapter to me when I took it into the office this afternoon. I hooked it up to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse and turned Wi-Fi on. This is what the battery meter registered after several hours of use. Assuming a linear decline in battery life, this would translate into just over 8 hours of use at full charge.


By the time I got home tonight (and after it had been sitting in my bag in standby mode for several hours), this is what it registered with the same settings as above, but with Wi-Fi turned on. This translates into over 7.5 hours of battery life!

Needless to say, I am impressed! This truly makes my Eee 901 possibly the best travel computer ever. With XP and a solid-state drive, this is the most reliable and durable PC I've ever owned. Weighing in at less than 2-1/2 pounds and with the same footprint as my Kindle, this is a computer I wouldn't hesitate to bring anywhere and would hardly ever need to worry about it running out of power.

In case you can't tell, I'm extremely pleased.

P.S. -- I wonder why Asus doesn't start bundling these batteries with the 901? They don't add any additional size or weight to the device.


Napp Nazworth said...

Do you find it difficult to type on that little bitty keyboard?

Brian Hollar said...

Unfortunately, it is a bit tight. I'm slowly adjusting but my typing speed is way below what it is on a regular keyboard and my mistake rate is higher. Still, it's incredible to have something that lasts so long, is so light, and goes into and out of standby virtually instantaneously.