Friday, May 29, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Curtis Melvin (a former co-worker at the Mercatus Center and now fellow PhD student at GMU) was on the front page of last week's Wall Street Journal for his work on uncovering the inner workings of North Korea. More on Curtis' article here.
  2. A profitable divorce? "Continental Airlines is suing nine of its pilots, reports ABC News, claiming they faked divorces in order to draw down their pension funds before retirement. The airline became suspicious when some of the couples continued living together and all nine couples eventually reunited. Continental believes the pilots became worried about the safety of their pension funds, especially after seeing what’s happening at other airlines."
  3. NBER has an RSS feed for abstracts and working papers. (HT Arnold Kling)
  4. Rich people are more optimistic?
  5. The first acoustic superlens. An ultrasound lens could be used for high-resolution clinical imaging.
  6. Forget about netbooks... here come the Smartbooks! More on this here.
  7. The ten ugliest cars being made right now?
  8. Quick Voice Pro: Voice to text email for the iPhone.
  9. 3 ways to get more done with the power of less.
  10. Micro-projectors set to be big. These pocket-sized projectors get a big picture out of a small device -- and future technology will shrink them further.
  11. Stimulist: "The Center for Economic and Policy Research, a research organization in Washington, has put together a list of economists who are calling for a third stimulus package (alongside another list of economists who said the $800 billion stimulus passed in February was too small). Find both lists here. For more on whether another round of stimulus is advisable, see Simon Johnson’s post from earlier this month here."
  12. Google Wave: What email would look like if it were invented today.

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