Friday, May 22, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Audiobook sales drop, while e-books grow. Auidobooks fell 21% while e-book sales grew 68% in 2008. Is this a causal relationship? Probably partially. Another factor could be decreased travel since the financial crisis hit. I typically get audiobooks for road trips and imagine others do too.
  2. Giant lens may be distorting echo of the Big Bang.
  3. Ultimate Mac set-ups.
  4. creates Venn diagrams, interactive maps, and more.
  5. East Village apartment makes amazing use of space. More on small spaces from Dwell magazine here.
  6. The six circumstances that affect our priorities in life: 1) Financial situation, 2) family/relationships, 3) age, 4) work and career, 5) health, and 6) happiness.
  7. Apple doubles its iPhone market share.
  8. Is this the beginning of the end for summer associate programs for law students? If so, this could change the financial calculus of attending law school for some.
  9. Typing-expansion software.
  10. The drawbacks to passive investing: "You won't get rich quickly. It's boring. It tough to stick with it. That's all I can come up with."
  11. Wolfram Alpha Google extension adds computational answers to Google results.
  12. Thomas Sowell on public ignorance and the financial crisis: "If we could raise the average level of understanding of economics to what [prominent 19th century economist] Alfred Marshall had in 1890, the vast majority of politicians would be voted out of office."

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