Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Backwards Smiling: The physiology of happy.
  2. How to create a minimalist computer experience.
  3. Women used to be happier than men, but since 1970 the subjective well-being of women has declined both absolutely and relative to men. Was the women's movement a mistake or is subjective happiness not the right objective? Actually, I think the decline in marriage affects women (who typically raise children) more negatively then it impact men. Is there more to this story? Here are more thoughts: "Professors Stevenson and Wolfers do not know why men and women have different happiness trends, but raise the question, “Did men garner a disproportionate share of the benefits of the women’s movement?” Given that men and women often live and work together, the answer to their question may be yes."
  4. Kindle app for iPhone updated. Among other things, it now includes landscape mode.
  5. The downside of sexy science. "A paper by a team of scientists and analysts maps out how fields and subdisciplines emerge in 21st-century science. One of the main findings: much like trendy baby names boom and bust, the most high-influence subdisciplines also tend to be the most short-lived. (HT: Very Short List)"
  6. Five dimensional data storage.
  7. Six benefits of using a fast lens to make child portraits.
  8. The cost of fat? $40 billion.
  9. The most "conservative" law faculties.
  10. Free utility recovers "lost" photos and data. I was just talking to a friend yesterday who had this problem.
  11. Transistor theory fundamentally flawed?
  12. Take better pictures by treating your still camera like it's video.

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