Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. First look at Wolfram Alpha's impressive (and fun) knowledge computation search engine. Here are a few Wolfram Alpha Easter Eggs. And a video introduction to the service. This looks like it will be big -- some are saying as big as Google. What's particularly cool to think about is that Google won't sit still in response and the ensuing competition is going to be incredible.
  2. The text of Obama's commencement address at Notre Dame.
  3. Take that, Amazon! 80 percent of revenue goes to publishers via Scribd.
  4. We get it, Windows means cheap hardware? It is curious all these new Microsoft commercials don't even mention Windows. Isn't Microsoft a software company?
  5. Palm Pre to launch first week of June. So far, early reviews sound very positive.
  6. Child brains organized differently from adult brains.
  7. On the shortness of life. An introduction to Seneca.
  8. What do 3,000 years do to wages?
  9. Top 10 iPhone apps for Biglawyers.
  10. U.S. Antiturst becomes more European. This doesn't sound like a good thing.
  11. 100 steps to improve your photographs, lesson 1. More lessons here.
  12. The interplay of art and science.

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