Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. New pattern found in prime numbers. (HT Nathan)
  2. HBO cancels "Screen on the Green" in DC. Bummer! That's always been a nice part of the summer if you live around DC.
  3. Eee PC 1008HA official product page goes live. It has a 10.1" screen, a good keyboard, gets ~ 6 hours of battery life, is only 1" think, and weighs 2.42 pounds. This is what Apple should do with the MacBook Air -- shrink it, and give it much better battery life.
  4. 6 small things you can do when you lack discipline.
  5. Hospitals begin to move into supermarkets. Awesome!
  6. Sourcetone picks tunes for your mood.
  7. Smokers relieved - obesity is getting blamed for everything now?
  8. A birdhouse with built-in camera. Cool.
  9. Patent holdup, antitrust and innovation -- harness or noose?
  10. Home prices slide 14%. "National median home price falls to $169,000 in first quarter, due to market flooded with lower-priced foreclosures and short sales." That's bad news if you own a home, but good news if you don't.
  11. It's time to put more science into forensic science.
  12. The organized corner office. I love this bookshelf from IKEA. I'm moving to a new studio apartment in July and might have to look into getting one of these.

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