Monday, May 11, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. There's work to be done, but Congress opts out.
  2. Did criminality help cause the current crisis? "To paraphrase Warren Buffett: When the tide goes down you realize who isn't wearing swimming trunks. But it's not like the tide goes down because someone's swimming nude."
  3. Shift to saving may be downturn's lasting impact?
  4. Alternative foundations of economics.
  5. Why is it so hard to hug?
  6. Is the conservative movement losing steam? Maybe so.
  7. Whispernet costs Amazon 12 cents per MB transferred?
  8. Alex Tabarrok and Tyler Cowen give their thoughts on the new Star Trek movie. Triya and I saw it Thursday night and I agree with all they have to say. I would also add that it was fun and watchable, just like The Onion says.
  9. Put things off and stop caring to realize your dreams. Elsewhere, setting goals can sometimes impede performance rather than make it better.
  10. Pystar to sell OS X Netbooks? Yes, please!
  11. Marriage markets in India. (HT Tyler Cowen)
  12. Somebody loves their Kindle: "I found I can read for long periods from the Kindle which I got when Amazon released their second edition a few months ago. I've fallen in love with the device. I cancelled my paper subscription to the New York Times and read it now on the Kindle and have downloaded and read several books on the device. Often I'll send text documents to the Kindle for reading. The Kindle has resparked my interest in reading and I love many of the features including automatic bookmarking and easy dictionary look up where before I rarely put in the effort." I love mine too and will be sorely tempted by the Kindle DX when it comes out. Just as the Kindle is getting me to read more books, I bet the DX would get me to read more academic articles too.

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