Friday, May 08, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Wi-Fi to go, no cafe needed. "Someday, we’ll tell our grandchildren how we had to drive around town looking for a coffee shop when we needed to get online, and they’ll laugh their heads off." Follow the link for some details on what looks to be a very cool device.
  2. Pay better attention with the power of science.
  3. Smart. Smart! Smart? "One of the least attractive aspects of professional training in law is the tendency to equate smartness with judgment, and judgment with virtue. Though law school doesn’t tend to reward either judgment or virtue, law practice does - and, more significantly, correlates effort and success in a way that the First Year Exam system rarely does."
  4. 10 great notebooks productive people love.
  5. Great idea. Let board games multitask as artwork.
  6. What of law school grades? "And what of grades? They mean nothing. No one, but no one, will ever ask you what your grade in torts was when you leave the shelter of the academy. No one cares what school you went to. No one cares whether you were law review. No one cares about the Coif, the Note, the Moot Court or the Am Jur prize. In the snap of fingers, they disappear. The only thing anyone cares about in the real world is whether you can analyze a situation quickly and effectively, devise a viable strategy and put it to work to win your cause. The kid with the "C" in criminal pro is every bit the star when he gets a dismissal, and all is forgotten." True or not?
  7. Google Books controversy heating up.
  8. All you need to know to Twitter.
  9. Thoughts on the new Kindle DX: "If the Kindle DX has a killer format, it's not newspapers, but magazines. Newspapers aren't losing out because they're too expensive; they're losing out because by the time the reader gets to them, the news inside is dated. Newspaper is a daily news medium in an hourly world...If there's any criticism, it's that the Kindle is paperback sized when I often want something more like a magazine. Segmenting the two is genius, and not just because it lets them capture the textbook market. Maybe more importantly, it lets me have a paperback sized one for running errands, and a larger version for extended reading."
  10. Does fast food = fat food?
  11. Three lessons from Warrent Buffett.
  12. Color e-paper that rivals the real thing.

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