Monday, May 04, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. 7 lessons in manliness from the Greatest Generation. And speaking of the Greatest Generation, I'm currently out in Kansas City visiting my 93-year-old Aunt Ruth.
  2. The sin index? Geographers measure the propensity for evil in states and counties. It would be fascinating to study how this correlates with levels of church attendance in these areas.
  3. Does gender make a difference on the court?
  4. The duty to rescue. How kind are strangers?
  5. Keep credit cards underneath 25 percent of their limit.
  6. Learn willpower techniques from the marshmallow test.
  7. Are you at risk for the clutter mentality?
  8. Will flat rates replace billable hours at law firms? How will this change the calculus of starting salaries for attorneys and the expected value of going to law school?
  9. The Leonardo paradox. Science has long used the singular genius model. Is this interfering with translating bio-research into something useful?
  10. Stay away from complex math, theories?
  11. Apartment market conditions continue to worsen... for landlords that is. Now is a good market for renters.
  12. Quote of the day: "In archaeology you uncover the unknown. In diplomacy you cover the known." -- Thomas Pickering


thinking said...

Something else from the Greatest Generation: they loved FDR.

And in spite of fighting one of the most heinous regimes ever, they did not in any way endorse the use of torture.

thinking said...

I hate to say it, but with that "sin index," the southern region doesn't look so great with regards to lust, pride, and wrath.

Brian Hollar said...

Yes. Instead of using torture, FDR proved his great respect for human rights by forcibly relocating approximately 110,00 innocent Japanese Americans and Japanese nationals to internment camps and executing any non-uniformed enemy combatants -- typically within 24 hours of capture.

At least FDR didn't bailout the auto industry...