Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Creating graphs using Google searches. If Google ever gets this perfected, it could be a tremendous boon to journalists and researchers. I'd love to see this tied into the General Social Survey data.
  2. Choice blindness. You don't always know what you want or why you act.
  3. A visualization of where your power comes from.
  4. Four tips for better wildlife photography.
  5. Over the last two quarters, the economy shrunk at its fastest pace in more than 50 years.
  6. Government help hurts. John Stossel with a critique of the "credit card holders 'bill of rights.'"
  7. Being frugal with your wellbeing.
  8. What economics can teach us about controlling swine flu.
  9. 35,000,000 Flickr photos mapped.
  10. "Phoenix has achieved the unwelcome distinction of becoming the first major American city where home prices have fallen in half since the market peaked in the middle of the decade, according to data released Tuesday."
  11. Sex-typed personality traits develop differently in girls and boys.
  12. Do you want to live forever? More than 50% said "no" in seven countries, including the US and China.

1 comment:

thinking said...

Government help can also help. There are people alive today only because of govt help. There are people who have educations only because of govt help. There are people who have homes and food only because of govt help.

Govt is not the solution to everything, but nor is it this entity that can do no good.

We see this even today in the govt reaction to the swine flu. Thank goodness we have had a vigorous response from our public health system.