Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. 8 food-related myths: fact or fiction? You mean there's no need for all the bubbles at weddings? Rice doesn't hurt the birds, but since everyone else thinks it does, it still might make you look bad.
  2. 10 great Moleskine hacks.
  3. Digital cameras know how far away a subject is when they focus. Why don't they automatically turn off the flash when it's too far away to be useful? Great question!
  4. Sex ratios and suffrage. "Why did Western states extend suffrage to women much earlier than than their Eastern counterparts did? The answer, two economists say, might have something to do with sex ratios."
  5. Searching for the benefits of Google Health.
  6. How music affects us and promotes health.
  7. Why Susan Boyle is so popular.
  8. The Kindle costs $185.49 to build?
  9. Foreclosure prices, heading south.
  10. Hayek vs. Keynes in a great PowerPoint slide by Roger Garrison. (HT Alex Tabarrok)
  11. How injecting silicone for beauty can kill. The mortality rate for silicone poisoning can exceed 5 percent. Very sad.
  12. MBAs return to their roots. "Most people get an MBA because they want to switch fields. Paying $80-$100,000 for a promotion is a pretty hard pill to swallow." Indeed. If you want to go to business school (or law school for that matter), I recommend a part-time program. It worked well for me -- keeping me out of debt while earning an income and work experience. Doing so allowed me to save enough money to travel the world, keep myself debt-free, and then quit my job and come back to school for a full-time PhD. (The advantage of many PhD and some MA programs is that they often come with funding. Something few MBA and JD programs do.)

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