Monday, April 20, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. The US calls for limits on Antarctic tourism? Glad I went to Antarctica when I did. The US call for limits appears to be in response to an inexperienced captain blamed for sinking an Antarctic cruise ship. It could have easily been the worst disaster in Antarctic history.
  2. Should parents lose custody of obese kids? With 16% of children being obese and another 16% being overweight, it would be virtually impossible for the state to take on so many children. As sad as childhood obesity is, I think a world where the government has the ability to take children away from parents in non-abusive settings is even sadder.
  3. The Layoff List. A list of all the law firms currently laying off lawyers and staff. It continues to grow and has already impacted several of my friends and classmates.
  4. Kindle 2 tips and hacks.
  5. Legal Theory Lexicon: The prisoner's dilemma.
  6. Is it time for the Fed to go negative?
  7. What good are economists anyway?
  8. The worthlessness of American legal education? No comment.
  9. The Lord of the Rings is now available for the Kindle! Perfect timing as I'm (slowly) reading through Fellowship of the Ring for the first time. (I've started a few times before, but never seemed to make it past Tom Bombadil for some reason.)
  10. Minicars offer minimum safety? I think anyone who understands how momentum works isn't surprised by this.
  11. Microsoft Windows out of box experience simply stinks.
  12. How to become a late riser. Oh, wait! I've already mastered that.


Ali Hasanain said...

Re the minicars: It's not as simple as that.
Depending on:
1)the design of the crumple zones
2)the position of the seats with relation to the hard points,
3)the strength of the frame
4)airbags, seatbelts etc.
a smaller car can be much much safer than a larger car too.

Momentum matters, ceteris paribus =)

Brian Hollar said...

Ali, speaking as a mechanical engineer, all the things you listed make a car safer relative to a similarly sized car without them. However, the big cars have those features too. The link was comparing the safety of small cars RELATIVE to bigger ones in multi-car crashes. You can't ignore a fatality rate almost double that of bigger cars in multi-car accidents. Put another way, if a Hummer hits a Mini Cooper, the Hummer wins.

Having said that, I still think Minis are way cooler than Hummers. :)