Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Happy 50th birthday to Nikon's F mount. It helped bring SLR cameras into the mainstream
  2. Nassim Taleb talks about the financial crisis with Russ Roberts.
  3. Rwanda's development strategy.
  4. Richard Posner and Gary Becker on Internet matchmaking.
  5. The Small Living Journal.
  6. The perfect plan, poorly executed, will fail. A lousy plan, well executed, is often successful.
  7. Macro photography for beginners.
  8. Men are women's 'issue'?
  9. How to grow a huge blog readership.
  10. Obama's job approval slipping to '50-50'?
  11. MIT faculty opens access to all of their scholarly article for free on the web. Let's hope other universities follow suit.
  12. India launches the world's cheapest car for less than $2,000! You could buy a new one every year for that price. Will this do for cars what netbooks have done for computers? Not if the Detroit lobby has anything to say about it...


luke middleton said...

Heads up: #9 link is the same as #8

Brian Hollar said...

Thanks for the heads-up, Luke! #9 has been fixed.

Don said...

Nikon F. I got mine 46 years ago in a PX in Korea and it still works. I wonder how many other items introduced that long ago still function?

Don said...
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thinking said...

As for that Zogby poll on Obama's approval rating: Nate Silver of Five Thirty Eight explains why Zogby is the least credible pollster in the world.

Now consider that: Nate Silver, who has a fantastic track record, calls Zogby the "Worst Pollster in the World" and proves it by simply analyzing Zogby's poor track record.

Now let's take the CBS Poll, which shows a 64-20 approve/disapprove ratio for Obama, net of +6 over the last week. Gallup has Obama at 63/27, a net of +1 over the last week.

People appreciate the very thoughtful and active approach that Pres Obama is taking; they appreciate the vastly improved competency over the previous administration, and they also realize that the opposition is devoid of alternative ideas.