Monday, March 23, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Now is no time to give up on markets. A must read interview with Nobel Laureate, Gary Becker. "When the market economy is compared to alternatives, nothing is better at raising productivity, reducing poverty, improving health and integrating the people of the world."
  2. Paul Krugman is not happy about Obama's plan for dealing with the financial crisis. Neither am I. Neither is Yves Smith. Neither is Calculated Risk.
  3. Pete Boettke on study habits for scholars in economics.
  4. A review of folding bikes.
  5. A new online journal for rejected math papers with some additional thoughts from Triya.
  6. Why foreign aid is hurting Africa.
  7. Sony Reader gets 500,000 public domain e-books thanks to Google.
  8. Tyler Cowen on the five must be places to see in Europe. I've seen three of the five. (Paris, Rome, and Prague. All three beautiful.) Haven't been to Switzerland yet (oddly enough, as I've been to every country surrounding it) and never would have considered rural Albania. I wonder how it compares to Moldova? Still haven't been to the UK yet either.
  9. Bryan Caplan is deeply disappointed in Friday's final epiosde of Battlestar Galactica. (WARNING: Spoilers.) I couldn't agree more. I thought it was a horrible way to end such a great show -- and I have been a big fan of the show until this season. Part of what made the show so good for me was the realism with which they presented human nature, scarcity, conflict, etc. That was all abandoned in the last show, and for that matter the whole last season.. I agree with Caplan, the miniseries and the first two seasons and part of the third were superb. Stop watching there.
  10. How China sees the world.
  11. Courts unlikely to overturn AIG tax.
  12. Should we have professional juries?

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