Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Does dealing with homosexuality in a theological or ideological way cause a greater spread of AIDS in DC than Rwanda? An interesting question, but I'm curious... how do the Rwandans deal with it? Last I checked, they were 78% Christian and 13% Muslim. They have an almost equal percentage of Christians as the US and two-orders of magnitude smaller non-religious population. (HT Tyler Cowen)
  2. Congress is the real systemic risk.
  3. We're in this mess because almost everybody was greedy. "It's not that I don't think bankers are greedy. I'm sure they are. I also think homeowners are greedy. I think community organizers are greedy. I think greed is a trait fairly evenly distributed throughout the human race, though the focus of that greed varies quite a bit. That makes it unsatisfying as an explanation for . . . well, almost anything. It's like blaming the financial crisis on oxygen." Read the whole thing.
  4. UH-OH: 'Brain decline' begins at age 27.
  5. John Nash's dissertation. 1) They symbols and equations were handwritten. 2) The only discussion of application is poker, not social science. 3) There are only two items in the bibliograpy. 4) It was only 27 pages long.
  6. The difference between microeconomics and macroeconomics.
  7. Jay Leno vs. free markets. Is Jay Leno really trying to do good?
  8. Is it better to fix a health problem or just live with it? Depends on the problem, I suppose.
  9. The Kindle 2 vs. the iPhone.
  10. The games we teach computers to play. "Computers are sophisticated enough to play a flawless game of checkers. They can beat the world’s greatest chess masters. But humans still put them to shame on the Go board."
  11. 7 reasons the recession is good for you?
  12. The information architecture of Kindle 2.0.

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