Thursday, March 05, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Scrimp to save more than money.
  2. Humility is more important than confidence.
  3. PadMapper puts Craigslist rentals on Google Map.
  4. Free Kindle books at the Kindle store.
  5. A great example of why you need to diversify.
  6. Airlines are losing less luggage... but only because passengers are checking fewer bags.
  7. A tablet netbook with a removable keyboard. It runs on Android and gets 10-15 hours of battery life too.
  8. The myth of economic recovery?
  9. With the eBook revolution upon us, is now the time for open source textbooks? If a Kindle TextBook Edition ever comes out, here are legal arguments publishers will use to attack it. Another reason to go open source?
  10. The economic value of popularity.
  11. Macroeconomists who favor elegant theory over empirical relevance are suffering on the job market. Read on to see what this has to do with law and economics.
  12. The MacBook Air by Asus?

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