Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. The community college bubble? This one bright spot in higher education may see massive hikes in tution rates thanks to Obama's "economic recovery" bill. By pouring money into retraining, demand is likely to go up, driving up the price of tuition. I used to teach part-time at a community college in Orlando and hope this effect does not put community college education out of reach for those who could benefit from it the most.
  2. An Antarctic cruise ship runs aground. Fortunately, no one was hurt. This ship is run by the same tour operator that was in charge of my trip to Antarctica. My trip was fantastic and exceeded almost every expectation I had. I hope this wasn't at the beginning of these guys tour. Antarctica is such a neat and hard-to-get-to place, I hate the thought of someone making it down there only to have their trip cut short.
  3. Did narcissistic Harvard MBAs kill Wall Street? With the financial mess, maybe now all the highly talented people will go into more socially productive fields than finance and law?
  4. Not only does Craigslist facilitate low cost transactions between individuals, it helps spread bedbugs too!
  5. Find answers to your medical questions with these five sites.
  6. Forensic science system needs an overhaul?
  7. Reading thoughts through brain imaging.
  8. Electronic books are becoming popular. Will newspapers follow?
  9. When it comes to digital cameras, more megapixels isn't always better.
  10. If you have a Mac, here's how to add Netflix and Hulu to Front Row. Does that mean you can use the Apple Remote to control the volume, start, stop, etc.?
  11. Every man needs a man mentor. (HT Nathan Snow)
  12. A video review of the upcoming Ausus Eee tablet netbook. The touchscreen looks very cool. Should be on sale for ~ $500 in second quarter of 2009.

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