Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Contraception leads to pregnancy?
  2. Why do people continue to buy treadmills and exercise bikes? How to make more realistic estimates of future behavior.
  3. The coming law firm hiring crisis. Now seems to be a bad time to be graduating from law school. That might make it a bad time to be a law school too.
  4. Japan's economy shrinks sharply.
  5. Dow nears lowest level in a decade.
  6. The 25 best blogs of 2009.
  7. Flickr pools for packers: "Lightweight travel, Do you pack light?, What’s in your bag?, and - last but not least - the Hey, what’s in your bag? pool."
  8. Should econ grad students pay for their own education? I hope not!
  9. How to build confidence and destroy fear.
  10. Americans are losing faith in the fairness and wisdom of economic policy.
  11. Kindle 2 tips and a link to the Kindle 2 user guide. Mine is still scheduled to arrive one week from today.
  12. ScienceBlogs: A conglomeration of science blogs from around the web.

1 comment:

SF said...

"Contraception leads to pregnancy?"

I know it's not what they're talking about, but most people don't realize that many infertility treatments have "take a month or two of birth control pills" as their first step. The pharmacists seemed to think we were nuts showing up with alternating prescriptions for birth control pills and prenatal vitamins....