Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Read your news faster with the New York Times "article skimmer."
  2. Is antitrust too complicated for generalist judges?
  3. 7 things to leave at home on your next big trip.
  4. Why do you rent instead of paying for a home?
  5. 76% of young lawyers are happy with their career decision? I'm not sure if I think this number is high or low? I'm curious how many law school grads actually go on to become attorneys? A far more relevant statistic would be what percent of law school grads are happy they went to law school? I'd expect the numbers to be lower.
  6. Don't allow your weaknesses to limit you.
  7. Only 38% say the stimulus plan will help the economy.
  8. 5 services to help you buy a house.
  9. The danger of deep procrastination.
  10. The cellphone is the world's most ubiquitous computer.
  11. WishList manages and ranks your future purchases. I like the idea of using something like this to remember something you might like to buy, but give yourself 30 days before making the purchase. If you still want it at that point, give it more serious consideration.
  12. Amar Bhide speaks with Russ Roberts about the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in a global economy.

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