Thursday, February 05, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Did the stimulus bill just fail? Sort of -- and that's a good thing!
  2. Managing energy with swarm logic. Self-organizing equipment could cut energy bills.
  3. Amazon launches a new site specifically for netbooks.
  4. Economist Angus Deaton's vision for develoopment economics: "The wholesale abandonment in American graduate schools of price theory in favor of infinite horizon intertemporal optimization and game theory has not been a favorable development for young empiricists."
  5. Will you switch to Spring for the Palm Pre? I'm already on Sprint, so I wouldn't have to.
  6. More Hayek (and Buchanan), less Keynes."A father of public choice economics, Nobel laureate James Buchanan, argues that the great flaw in Keynesianism is that it ignores the obvious, self-interested incentives of government actors implementing fiscal policy and creates intellectual cover for what would otherwise be viewed as self-serving and irresponsible behavior by politicians. It is also very difficult to turn off the spigot in better economic times, and Keynes blithely ignored the long-term effects of financing an expanded deficit."
  7. The tragedy of the fishes.
  8. Asus Eee PC 100oHE put through preliminary testing by LaptopMag.
  9. On significance testing in economics.
  10. Amazon library -- is February 9th a bigger announcement than the Kindle 2.0?
  11. Mad about exorbitant bonuses? Blame the tax code.
  12. How to be a Christian, though an economist, and vice-versa.

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