Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Daily Dozen

  1. Printing the NYT costs twice as much as sending every subscriber a free Kindle.
  2. How to travel around the world without flying.
  3. Groundhog Day: Phil and Spanish Joe say six more weeks of winter.
  4. Happiness research and legal scholarship.
  5. Mostly harmless econometrics.
  6. The Asus 100HE -- a new netbook with 9.5 hour battery life for $375? Come out with a tablet version that gets this kind of battery life and I'm sold!
  7. 2 simple paths to unhappiness: 1) Not getting what you want; and 2) Getting what you want.
  8. Quote of the day: "In low-income countries, road traffic accidents account for 3.7 percent of deaths, twice as high as deaths due to malaria." Having traveled to numerous developing countries, I believe it.
  9. Watch all of Sunday's Super Bowl ads on Hulu.com.
  10. John Cochrane of the University of Chicago talks with Russ Roberts about the financial crisis.
  11. 7 concepts of natural language learning.
  12. Life without lawyers?

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